MEZCAL GIN MG 45% 70 CL - 100% AGAVE

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Giving Birth to Mezcal Gin

Mezcal Gin is a gourmet, small-batch handcrafted spirit that brings together two of the most emblematic spirits of the world. One, the most ancient of the Americas, mezcal; and the other one of the most popular in Europe, Gin. We use the traditional chicken breast mezcal method (maceration) and (vapor infusion) Leaving the recipe with the Mexican botanicals and replacing the chicken breast with the botanicals of the Gin.

This way we managed to deliver a unique creation by giving a different twist to the ¨Mezcal de pechuga¨ by adding the botanicals the Gin. Our Mezcal Gin is produced with passion and dedication by the local community, in harmony with the environment. We focus in obtaining the highest quality spirit by using the most outstanding botanicals and components.

2 Agaves per Bottle

Committed to our mother earth and the prosperity of this spirit, we created an ambitious reforestation campaign to be able to enjoy this unique agave for years to come. With the help of the local agriculturists we will plant two agaves for each bottle of Mezcal Gin that we produce.

The best of 2 Worlds

The best of two worlds make allusion to the best of what Mezcal and Gin can offer. Mountain spring water, wild Cenizo agave, traditional and local organic botanicals and its small batch - handcraft production just assemble the perfect combination to have as result, Mezcal Gin.

Agave Cenizo

The agave Cenizo is a wild and endemic agave that takes from 9 to 13 years to mature. It grows tall at an average of 70 cm and 150 in diameter. Its grey bluish color and its stiff curved leaves distinguish it from other varieties. It is known to be one of the most aromatic and tasty agaves once transformed into Mezcal.

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